2018 resolutions

That's it we are in 2018, and new year means new resolutions, even if it's usually hard to hold on with them, like every year we will try to hold them. / Ça y est nous sommes en 2018, et nouvelle année signifie nouvelles résolutions, même s'il est généralement difficile de s'accrocher à elles, comme … Lire la suite de 2018 resolutions

What to do in winter?

Today is the first day of winter! Do you know what you will do during this cold time? No? Don't worry, i'm here to give you some ideas. For that, we will inspire us from the "What to do in fall?" article and change it a little. / Aujourd'hui c'est le premier jour de l'hiver! … Lire la suite de What to do in winter?